The villa

Villa Fradama is a step back in time. While the architecture of the building goes back to the XVth century, its interiors, with the beautiful furnishings and all the pictures hanged on the walls, directs its guests to a late XIXth, early XXth century. Every surface, every wall, every nook contains something of the long and important history of the owner’s family giving an overwhelming feeling in the visitors, as typical of the grand Sicilian mansions. It is a wonderful experience, there’s the possibility to act as Sicilian nobles of the last century and experience the life of a big family as it really was.

Due to being an ancient building, the main room of the villa has no air conditioning system as it is provided by its walls that, in some spots, are more than 1 meter thick. However, in order to provide a relaxing experience for our guests, a bedrooms have air conditioning which, during the winter, can be used also as heating.

The villa has an internet connection that can be used free by our guests and, on request, we can also provide a laptop in case you don’t want to bring your own.

The hearth of the villa is a huge living room dominated by a fireplace. All the rooms opens on this space and it has always been the central and most important part of the house. Today, the living room is furnished with the original XIXth – XXh century fittings, all perfectly restored. There are sofas and armchairs were to rest after a long day exploring the surroundings and there’s a big table where all the guests can have dinner or lunch together. The walls are adorned with portraits of members of the owner family, to underline the historical character of the villa.

The main entrance is also furnished with two armchairs and a wardrobe beautifully painted in the Sicilian tradition, colours and designs are the same of the carts typical of this region.

The villa can host up to 9 people in 4 different bedrooms, 2 en-suite on the ground floor and 2 on the first floor. There are 4 bathrooms, 3 on the ground floor (2 of them en-suite) and 1 on the first floor.